Nieuws: Deborah Ann Woll over haar rol als Karen Page en Daredevil seizoen 3

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 28 december 2017 om 00:45 uur

Deborah Ann Woll is het best bekend van haar rol als Jessica in True Blood. Maar deze actrice duikt ook geregeld op als Karen Page in diverse Netflix Marvel series. Nu had de website Collider dit interview met haar waar in over de shows en het derde seizoen van Daredevil gesproken werd.

Collider: When and how did you find out that you'd actually get to join The Punisher, and how did you feel about getting to further explore the dynamic between Frank and Karen?

: When they knew they were going to do a Punisher show, I hoped that I would get to be a part of it. And then, eventually they call your reps and ask for your availability, and all that stuff. When I found out, I was so glad ‘cause I really love the relationship between Frank and Karen, and I'm certainly not done telling that story yet, not even after The Punisher Season 1. There's still more that I'd like to dig into. Any opportunity that I get to strengthen those stories is a good thing.

When you originally signed on with Marvel, did you have any idea that you'd go on to be the link between these shows and characters, or has that come as a surprise?

: No! Now that the show is doing well, it's not hard to imagine, but when we were doing the first season, we didn't know if there would be another show, another season, or anything. We were the first ones, and we had no idea if it would be anything. As weird as that is to think about now, it was kind of a crapshoot. We just didn't know.



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