Nieuws: Scott G - "God's Love" (Prod by Sean Strange)

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 14 mei 2018 om 19:17 uur

De Amerikaanse rapper Scott G is fookin dope en zo real als ze uit Queens, New York kunnen komen. Binnenkort op 25 mei verschijnt zijn album Look At God, en daar van is vandaag de track God's Love verschenen die gewoon fookin bruut en vet is. Dus ik zeg niks meer dan trek je volume open, ram op play en enjoy.

Queens, New York is known for it's breed of emcees who posses the highest level of skill when telling their stories over beats. Enter Scott G a.k.a. Scott Gesus a member of Sean Strange's Nah Bro Entertainment record label roster. In early 2018 he was working on his debut album "I Am Gesus" when randomly some months back he was shot 3 times and almost killed. One bullet hit his face, Another in his neck and one in his arm. After a week hospital stay, surgery, and two bullets still in his body, he came home and immediately went in the studio to record a full project in one day. If you ask Scott why he decided to put the "I Am Gesus" album on hold to do this "Look At God" project he will tell you "It was all fueled by the experience of surviving a near death experience in addition to a statement from the nurse who cared for him in the hospital telling him that God saved his life, Not luck".

The end result is this project titled "Look At God" which is set to be released on May 25th 2018. In April, Scott and Nah Bro Entertainment signed a distribution deal for this project with Underground record label Goon Musick which is run by the Snowgoons. Together they are presenting this project to the world which features appearances by: Conway & Benny The Butcher from Griselda Records, Sean Strange, Intell and is entirely produced by Sean Strange & IamMuzik. This album is a true definition of "Reality Rap" in a era filled with "Make Believe Rap". Some may hear or see the title and think this is a Gospel or Christian Rap record, But quickly will find out this is an uncensored piece of pure Hip Hop art created by an artist in his darkest times that will bring you into his life in ways that not many can or have done before.



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