McFarlane Toys Assassins Creed

RDJ134 7 februari 2013 om 01:33 uur

McFarlane Toys is goed bezig vandaag, want na een Michonne beeldje brengen ze er nu ook één uit van Conner uit Assassins Creed III. Deze is onderdeel van een serie die nog moet uitkomen, en daar is geen verdere informatie over bekend gemaakt.

Naturally, McFarlane's figures will be in a different scale (six inches), so you'll have to start a whole new collection. Series one will feature seven figures, including two versions of Connor and one Haytham Kenway. No word yet on vehicles or boxed sets, but the figures will come with codes to unlock in-game content: things like new weapons, clothing colors or other customization options. And unlike NECA's line, you'll see these at every major retailer, which suggests that perhaps there's an untapped kid market.