Nieuws: GTA Online reveal trailer *Update 22:50*

Geschreven door Gtamen op 15 augustus 2013 om 22:50 uur

Het is dan eindelijk zover. De GTA Online reveal trailer is er dan eindelijk na drie dagen wachten en ongeduldig zijn. Maar goed, hier onder kan je de trailer in volle glorie bekijken.

Update: Screens toegevoegd. Samenvatting toegevoegd.

Players can invest in their character through customizing their appearance, improving their stats, owning customized vehicles, purchasing personal property, choosing their favourite weapons and vehicles and taking part in missions, jobs and activities.
Players have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to complete missions, band together to participate in activities and ambient events, or compete in traditional game modes.
As progress is achieved through the world of GTA Online, players will be introduced to new characters, missions, rewards and such.
A maximum of 16 players can be active at any one time as part of an online universe of hundreds of thousands competing to earn Reputation Points (RP), money and almost limitless material acquisition.
As you speak into your headset, your GTA Online character will lip-sync broadly in time. When robbing a liquor store, AI characters will react to the urgency in your voice, stuffing money more quickly in the bag.
The Content Creator will allow players to create and share their own missions and activities via the Social Club cloud. Other players can beat your target times and scores, then rate your mission. You can even choose which creators you want to follow and curate your favourite missions.
The Feed, a twitter-like program, appears on screen to relay all your emails, texts and messages from Social Club.
The world of Grand Theft Auto Online will constantly grow and change as new content is added, and at some stage GTA Online will head into new locations. Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st.

You can assemble a team from your friends list, or recruit according to specialist skills. As you rob a liquor store or perform a heist, the team member that does the job gets the cash and can choose how much to share.
It's possible to spread the wealth by sharing cash, weapons and ammo among your team. In turn, they can 'defect' and try to steal your cash.
You can pick up your phone to 'ring' friends in single player and invite them into your world. Your friends will be listed under 'Contacts' on your phone.

There will be loads of property to buy at different prices, according to their views and location. You can use your in-house CCTV to spy on people at your front door, or take showers, surf the net, change clothes and watch the game's many TV channels.
You can take out insurance and ring for a replacement car if yours gets destroyed.
You can pay a personal mechanic to fix your cars automatically, or deliver them to any location.
You can also check any vehicle's stats for speed, handling etc, before making your choice to purchase.
You can watch real-time events such as as police chases from your TV.
Your custom cars show as markers on the map and get impounded if you leave them too long. You can pay to retrieve them.
You will be able to deposit your money into your bank account as often as you can. When another player kills you, they can snatch the wallet right from your dead body.
You can switch between single player and online mode by selecting your multiplayer avatar from the character wheel.
If you're fleeing from another player, you can call up a buddy to hide your radar blip.
Passengers will be able to change the in-car radio.



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