J.J. Abrams 10 Cloverfield Lane is NIET Cloverfield 2

RDJ134 27 februari 2016 om 22:00 uur

Wat 10 Cloverfield Lane nu precies is weten maar heel erg weinig mensen, want J.J. Abrams is een expert om het verhaal van zijn films stil te houden. Zo speculeert het halve internet over dat deze nieuwe film Cloverfield 2 zou zijn, maar volgens de interviews die hij heeft gegeven aan Entertainment Weekly en Fandango verteld hij dat dit dus NIET zo is. Maar er zit wel een monster in. Dus het wordt afwachten wat het dan allemaal wel is. De film draait vanaf 10 maart in de Nederlandse bioscopen.

There is a monster in this movie. It's not the monster you expect, but there is a monster. The thing that I will say about anyone who is going to it expecting to see literally Cloverfield 2, those characters and that monster are not in this movie, but there are other characters and other monsters. It's a very different story, but it is a spiritual successor to that movie. What I hope is that they will be satisfied by wanting to see something that is not of this natural Earth and not necessarily something that you would expect, and I hope that what they find gives them that fix, that thrill that I think they might be looking for in a literal Cloverfield 2 movie."

So does 10 Cloverfield Lane take place during the first Cloverfield?

"No it doesn't, but there's a larger thing at play with these connections," Abrams continues. "And the fun of it is that some of these connections - and there's a lot of them - are not the kind of connections you might think. So if you're approaching it as a literal sequel, you'll be surprised to see what this movie is. But while it's not what you might expect from a movie that has the name 'Cloverfield' in it, I think you'll find that you'll understand the connection when you see the whole thing."

"The story of this movie - and it came to us originally as a spec that was very different in a lot of ways and an unrelated thing altogether - is definitely about different kinds of monsters," he says. "And while the Cloverfield monster isn't in this movie, there's a new monster and there's something else that happens... but I don't want to ruin the ending."