Inside Dead Space #1: Remaking a Classic

RDJ134 29 september 2022 om 02:12 uur

De eerste Dead Space was en is nog altijd een verdomd goede game die veel meer fans en erkenning verdiend. Gelukkig komt deze kans er nu aan, want deze titel gaat op 27 januari 2023 een remaster krijgen en dat maakt de fans zoals mijzelf heel erg blij. De makers van deze 'nieuwe' game nemen je nu mee achter de schermen met hun eerste Inside Dead Space episode op deze website, waar ze je een kijkje achter de schermen geven. Dus reden genoeg om het te checken, want dit is serieus één van de engste games die ik ooit heb gespeeld.


The result is a game that's much more than a simple modernization of the original. “The story, for example, hits all the main beats and main events of the original,” Philippe says, “but we looked at the lore of the whole franchise, which is a lot wider than the original game. There was Dead Space™ 2, Dead Space™ 3, the comic books—these all added additional lore that we re-injected into the game.”

“Right, we wanted to make it fit better in the overall story and lore of the Dead Space universe that evolved after the first one,” says Roman. “As an example, Isaac has a voice here, just like in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. And some characters who were a bit more secondary, who only appeared in audio logs, like Dr. Cross—we gave them some actual screen time. And we wanted to give a bit more background and agency to some of the characters from the cast, like Nicole. So we're creating a whole layer of narrative side-quests that will allow you to see, for example, what happened to Nicole during the outbreak.”

And of course there are serious technological enhancements that modern hardware provides. “It's in a new engine, Frostbite™,” Roman says, “and every asset—every animation, every texture, every effect or piece of enemy behavior—has been rebuilt in the new engine.”